In the Shop you will find a selection of traditionally handcrafted furniture items that have all been made using traditional green woodworking skills and techniques. All of these items have been made using locally sourced ash wood which is used in its ‘green’ state – freshly felled. The ash trees are felled as part of a local sustainable woodland management programme in order to help support and maintain the woodland environment. Logs are split using a froe and maul before using the shave horse and sharp hand tools, such as a draw-knife, to make individual chair components. Glue is not used in the making of the chairs and stools but instead, traditional wet-dry jointing techniques are employed which utilise the natural properties of the ash; other joints are secured using oak pegs and wedges.

Items which have previously been sold have been included in the shop to enable you to see the variety of items available. Please do browse the shop and contact me if you are interested in making a purchase or would like to discuss a future commission.

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