Perching Stool  – Code S54

This Perching Stool is a tall stool with a sloping seat which helps to reduce the strain from either standing for long periods or from getting up and down from a full seating position. It’s perfect to use while you’re preparing meals at the worktops in the kitchen, working at a workbench or in the potting shed to just ‘semi-sit’ or ‘perch’ on; to take the weight off your feet while you work. It’s also perfect to use as a guitar stool too where the conveniently placed front stretcher allows you to rest one foot so you can perch comfortably to play a guitar or other hand-held stringed instrument. The angle of the seat allows you to easily raise from a seated position to standing up.   

– Hand-crafted, cleft ash wood frame

– Angled seating position provides a comfortable position to work at a desk or workbench

– This seat is woven using black coloured Danish cord – but is also available in natural Danish cord or a multi-coloured paper rush fibre cord

– Danish oil and natural beeswax polish finish

Please note: The height of this stool can be adapted to suit your personal requirements so do contact us if you would like to discuss a commission.

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