Multi-Negative Leaf Lath Back Chair – Code A89

The Multi-Negative Leaf Lath Back Side Chair / Dining Chair is a new design for 2020, similar to the Negative Leaf Side Chair but with multiple laths of negative leaves. A modern twist on a traditional lath back chair. Inspired by nature and the way artists and printmakers use negative space to formulate aesthetically-pleasing compositions, the leaf shape details are carefully hand-carved from each lath during the chair making process. 

– Hand-crafted, cleft ash wood, taking a traditional lath back side chair or dining chair   

– Hand-carved leaf spaces within the laths really give this chair a contemporary twist on a traditional lath back chair design

– The seat is woven in a modified Irish weave pattern using natural coloured Danish cord; and is also available in black Danish cord, or pale green and russet paper rush fibre cord

– Danish oil and natural beeswax polish finish

Please note: The number of laths, location of the hand-carved leaf spaces, and seating material used in this traditional style dining or side chair can be adapted to suit your requirements so do contact us if you would like to commission your own set of side chairs.

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