Commissions – Dining Set of 4 Knotty Spindle-back Side Chairs – A21x4

This quirky set of knotty spindle-back side chairs with different seating weave patterns will grace any dining room, study area or kitchen setting. Our client requested a set of chairs that were totally unique individually, with different seat weave patterns, but were obviously part of a set.

Please contact us if you wish to commission your own set of unique chairs. 

– Traditionally designed chairs that will look fabulous in old cottage-style homes or within a more modern or contemporary home. 

– Each chair is lovingly hand-crafted from cleft ash wood 

– These chairs are knotty, 5 spindle-back but the number of spindles can be adapted to suit your specification. Alternatively, side chairs are available for commission as a ladder-back or lath-back design.

– Beautiful Danish cord seats woven in different weave patterns – modified Irish, twill over-under, twill and diamond.

– A Danish oil and natural beeswax polish finish allows the natural and beautiful grain of the ash to be enjoyed to its fullest.

* Please note: Sets of chairs are hand-crafted, not machine-made, so there may be some slight, natural variation within each chair.