Knotty 7 Spindle Back Side Chair – Code A57

A knotty 7 spindle back chair where naturally  knots have been refined using traditional green woodworking techniques to add character and beauty.

– Lovingly hand-crafted, cleft ash wood, traditional spindle back side chair / dining chair / bedroom chair design

– This charming chair has 7 spindles with natural knotty and wavy features within the spindles which make it a truly unique side / dining or bedroom chair 

– The seat is woven in a modified Irish weave pattern using a russet and pale green twisted paper rush cord

– Danish oil and natural beeswax polish finish

Please note: The knots and waves within this chair are naturally occurring and completely unique. As such, it is highly unlikely that the unique knotty and wavy features chair can be exactly replicated for future commissions. Future similar commissions can be seated in a choice of seating materials and colours according to your preference.