Sweetheart Ladderback Chairs Commission

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Set of 6 Sweetheart Ladderback Dining Chairs.

sweetheart crest ladderback dining chairs commission by Rustic Ash Chairs, 4 side chairs, 2 carver chairs
A Future Heirloom - Sweetheart Ladderback Chairs Dining Set by Rustic Ash Chairs

I was delighted to be commissioned to make this wonderful dining set of 4 sweetheart ladderback side chairs and 2 matching carver chairs.

The brief was quite simple – the chairs would replace a set which was brought by an ancestor of which there are historical photographs that can be dated back to 1904. My clients wanted something similar in terms of design but a more updated one which would become a future heirloom, without the bun feet or finials on the top of the back legs. I had been given accurate measurements to work from and set about making a sample chair. 

Once they had seen photographs of the sample chair they were delighted with the design so I made a start on the new commission. 

The sweetheart ladderback design of the chairs really suits their new dining room setting and the clients were absolutely delighted with their new chairs.

The photograph showing the full set was taken on a bumpy grass area because the workshop was too small to display all of the chairs!

If you are interested in commissioning a chair or set of chairs please do contact me – I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Ladderback side chair with bun feet and finials
Original Side Chair
Ladderback carver chair with bun feet and finials
Original Carver Chair
Rustic Ash Chairs Sweetheart Ladderback Side Chair
New Sweetheart Ladderback Side Chair
Rustic Ash Chairs new sweetheart ladderback carver chair
New Sweetheart Ladderback Carver Chair
Complete dining set of sweetheart ladderback chairs by Rustic Ash Chairs
The Completed Commissioned Set of Sweetheart Ladderback Dining Chairs by Rustic Ash Chairs