RHS Wisley Spring Fair

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Craft In Focus Contemporary Design and Craft Fair at RHS Garden Wisley.

Rustic Ash Chairs demonstrating at RHS Garden Wisley

So this was our first event of 2019 and what a fabulous event it was, despite the weather being cold in comparison to this time last year! The organisers, Craft in Focus, are renowned for producing high-quality events which involve over 200 UK artists and crafters who exhibit and demonstrate their particular crafts. The beautiful gardens of RHS Wisley are perfect for an event such as this.

It’s always nice to catch up with fellow traders who have become our friends over the past few years and quite a number of past customers returned to see us too – some placed new commissions whilst others came to let us know how they love their chairs and use them daily. 

As an active green woodworker, I always strive to spread the word about the benefits of the craft so I was particularly pleased when Allan, a previous client, came to have a chat. He told me that following meeting me at the Wisley event last year, and taking delivery of his 2 ‘Uncle Fred’ chairs, he now volunteers at a woodland and has almost finished building his first shave horse in preparation for going on a chair making course with Mike Abbott in the summer! How fantastic is that? Allan will learn all about chair making from the legend Mike Abbott and I’m extremely happy that the green woodworking community will have another member.

If you want to learn more about green woodworking do come and have a chat with me if you see me demonstrating at an event; or you could always contact the Association of Pole-lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers to find out details of your local Bodgers’ group.

For further information of my 2019 events click here.

Rustic Ash Chairs Mark Griffin demonstrating green woodworking
The Robin Gentleman's Chair at RHS Wisley
Curly wurly wood shavings made using a drawknife