Hello 2020!

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Rustic Ash Chairs Top 9

So as we ended 2019 I sat and reviewed another amazing year of chair making and came up with the ‘top 9’ chairs of Rustic Ash Chairs.

There is a growing interest in my unique ‘Gentleman’s Chairs‘ but old favourites such as the large ‘Uncle Fred‘ armchairs are also very popular.

I’m always astounded that the chairs I gain immense pleasure from designing and making all year round are so graciously received by the public and 2019 was no exception.

It was yet another amazing year for Rustic Ash Chairs on the events circuit and I was privileged to be invited to demonstrate and exhibit again at very high quality events organised by Craft in Focus at spectacular venues such as RHS Wisley, RHS Hyde Hall and Hever Castle. If you have never visited one of the Craft in Focus Contemporary Craft Fairs then you really should – where else could you see such a stunning collection of work from some of the UK’s best designer makers all in one place and purchase directly from the artist too?

The Weald and Downland Museum events were once again a highlight of the year. The stunning backdrop of this unique museum really compliments the traditional skills and techniques that Rustic Ash Chairs uses daily when chair making.

The growing popularity of The Repair Shop television show, filmed at the Weald and Downland Museum, has brought with it a new audience of people who are fascinated by the traditional skills used to rejuvenate tired works of art so they can continue to give pleasure for future generations. Television programmes like these are generating more interest in a broad range of traditional crafts. Hopefully, this renewed interest may help to reduce the number of crafts that appear on the Heritage Crafts Association Endangered Crafts List as people want to learn these skills themselves. 

Finally, Rustic Ash Chairs are currently booking events for this year so have a look at our Events page –  Welcome 2020!

composite image of 9 of the best chairs from 2019